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El Kendi


El Kendi is an Algerian pharmaceutical manufacturing company with a multinational team. It is the eighth largest national company in Algeria, and offers high quality medicines at minimum cost to promote the health of people worldwide.

An established member of a pan Arabic pharmaceutical group, it has established its sales and marketing ventures across the globe. Sales on the Algerian market in 2011 were US$ 64 million representing 40 per cent rate from 2010.

El Kendi is currently consolidating its position in CNS, CVS, urology, oncology and auto-immune diseases sectors, and seeking licenses for novel therapies in these categories.

The company name refers to the famous ninth-century Arab scholar, Yakub El Kendi who was considered to be the first rationalist Arab physician.

Lot No 596 B
Group No 685
Dely Brahim
Algiers, Algeria
Tel: + 213 21 366 189/6285
Fax: + 213 21 366 355
Email: contact@elkendi.com