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What is included in your sponsorship package?

How we ensure you meet the right healthcare buyers


Research -  identifying those who meet the correct criteria

  • 6 months before the summit our team of analysts researches and contacts 2,200 – 2,600 potential healthcare buyers
  • All are then screened to ensure they are C-level decision makers, have a minimum budget of US$ 1 million for solutions in the next 3 – 12 months, and can sign deals on-site
  • Anyone not meeting these strict criteria cannot attend. This ensures they are in a position to do business


Your needs – targeting prospects you specifically want to meet

  • You complete a pre-event questionnaire explaining the type of companies, job titles and decision makers’ names (if you know them) you are interested in meeting
  • A delegate acquisition team contacts them to ensure they fit the summit’s criteria, and to make sure they are looking to buy your type of solutions
  • We invite them to attend the summit and explain you are interested in meeting them


Facilitation – working with you prior to and during the summit

  • One week before the summit you receive a list of ALL attending decision makers, their solutions of interest and available budgets,  so you can customise your presentations
  • During the 2 days, we work with you in the VIP Business Lounge to introduce you to buyers who have a need for your products and/or services


Post summit – follow up communication

  • We work with you to follow up with all buyers who showed an interest in your solutions
  • You are sent all speaker presentations, giving you insight into all sector investments, plans, regulations and initiatives

To download example of 'Buyers Investment Form' that contains data about buyer's needs, budget and investment time-frame, complete the form below:


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